Object identification services are performed in the role of a consultant and not an appraiser.  No values will be provided.

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Are you interested in identifying an object or artwork? How about figuring out who is the artist or maker? Then consider requesting an Object ID Summary to help you determine what you possess. To begin the process, provide as much detailed information that you can along with JPEG image attachments to courtney@ahlstromappraisals.com. You will receive confirmation of a successfully sent inquiry within one business day.



Many clients find it useful to simply know more about what they have inherited or bought. When you request an Object ID Summary, we will send you a one page identification and/or attribution overview of what your object or item is based on the information and images provided. Such a summary is often a useful document to keep in family records as well as when planning to sell. However, Object ID Summaries do not include any values or price estimates. Upon receipt of an Object ID Summary email request (including property information and images), you will receive an invoice for $50 per item to the email account provided. Upon confirmation of payment, we will send you an Object ID Summary within 5 business days. If you receive an Object ID Summary and then decide to have a an Appraisal Report conducted by Ahlstrom Appraisals LLC on the property, we will deduct your summary costs from the appraisal fee.



When sending a message about your interest in an Object ID Summary, please provide as much of the following details below. The more information you can provide, the better we can identify the object or maker. 

  • Contact Information: First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Description of Property: Type/Category, Materials/Medium, Age, Style, Dimensions/Measurements, Etc.
  • Markings: Signatures, Stamps, Impressed Marks, Etc.
  • Ownership History: How did you come to acquire the property? Is there any family lore? Any past receipts?
  • Images: Photos are preferred in JPEG format. You are welcomed to send images in multiple emails. 
  • Additional Information: Is there anything else you would like us to know about your property? Examples include exhibition history, past restoration, condition issues, etc.
  • Please note that we do not accept information and images via text.



Are you also interested in knowing what your items are worth?  Then you may prefer a qualified appraisal report. In addition to object identification, an appraisal report provides an objective opinion of value for a variety of purposes (e.g. estate tax, estate planning, non-cash charitable contribution, insurance coverage, damage claim, cost basis, etc.). In the role of an appraiser, we are not an advocate for any party but rather remain objective throughout the valuation. Learn more about the appraisal process on our Appraisal Services and Appraisal Steps pages.