Consultation services are performed in the role of a consultant and not an appraiser. 



Not sure if you need an appraiser or consultant?  A walk-through process is a good way to determine which services best suit your needs. During a walk-through, we will inspect your home from attic to basement, remarking on which items likely have a strong resale value. This brief overview is often quite helpful when deciding the next step to take in dealing with your property. 


Collection Advisory

Develop a custom strategy to achieve the client’s collection objectives.  Whether your passion for collecting derives from enjoyment or investment, we can help you maintain the quality of your acquisitions. We can advise about the acquisition process (private sales and auction purchases) as well as assist with coordinating art transportation (shipping and storage). We tailor our services to the nature and budget of both private and corporate collections.



Learn more about an object or market with an in-depth investigation. Through a combination of scholarship and connoisseurship, we research the various aspects surrounding an object including: provenance (purchase and exhibition history), historical significance, current market trends, artist/maker biographies, literature records, etc. Provenance research is becoming increasing critical to the legacy of artworks and cultural objects. We also provide guidance in verifying the authenticity of a work by consulting with the appropriate foundation or institution of an artist.


COLLECTION Management 

Create an inventory of your collection with a professional eye.  Knowing what you have and being able to refer to a complete listing is an invaluable asset to homeowners and collectors alike. During the inventory process, objects are properly catalogued, digitally photographed, and organized by either location or category. Documentation can be prepared in both electronic and hard-copy format. After a final inventory is completed, we suggest to occasionally request an update visit so that your confidential records stay current and that you may continue to easily track the status of your belongings. In addition, a private inventory often translates well into managing future insurance policies and estate probate.  


DATABASE creation

A well-managed collection often maintains or increases in value. In the digital age, many clients are choosing to use a cloud-based platform to organize information about their tangible assets. These programs are often more convenient and secure for owners to use. Databases also help facilitate the tracking of property among various locations or exhibition loans. Our detailed inventories can be migrated to the client’s preferred account and updated accordingly. Each record can also include additional documentation such as copies of receipts, conservation notes, past appraisals, and insurance schedules.


Writing & Speaking Engagements

Present an engaging discussion tailored to art-related interests.  As an independent scholar of fine and decorative arts, Courtney is passionate about her area of study. She believes in the constant pursuit of learning and sharing one’s knowledge with others. Courtney is available to speak and/or write on a wide variety of topics relating to art history, collecting, and the ins-and-outs of the appraisal process. Please contact if you are interested in arranging a presentation or writing an article.


what’s it worth?

Not interested in selling but want to know what your items are worth?  Then you may need a qualified appraisal report. An appraisal report provides an unbiased opinion of value for a variety of purposes (e.g. estate tax, donation, insurance, cost basis, etc.). In the role of an appraiser, we are not an advocate for any party but rather remaining objective throughout the valuation. Visit the Appraisal Services and Appraisal Steps pages to learn more about the appraisal process.